Analysing Children's Writing Samples Essay

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Critically Analyse Student Writing Samples Analysing children’s writing is critically important because it allows teachers to have an understanding of what the child knows already, and what he/she needs to build on with their writing (Stewart, 2012). In the paragraphs ahead, two samples have been chosen and have been analysed using the Victorian Essential Learning Standards and the Western Australia First Steps Developmental Continuum. The Victorian Essential Learning Standards have established “what is important for students to achieve at different stages of their schooling, set standards for those achievements and provided a clear basis for reporting to parents and for planning programs.” (Victoria Essential Learning Standards, 2011)…show more content…
* Show ways of linking paragraphs, and * Encourage Nelson to revise, edit and proof-read more. Sample 2: (Appendix 2) Sample 2, known as Kevin, was nine years of age and in Grade 3 the year this piece of writing and illustration was taken. Like Sample 1, Kevin was also born in Australia with English as first language, followed by Vietnamese, which is spoken at home. Kevin has written a sensory/descriptive writing, independently. That is “focusing on describing something in such rich and clear detail.” (Cooper et al., 2012, p. 322) Using VELS (2011) as a guideline, Kevin shows the ability to write short sentences about a familiar topic. He writes about his favourite toy, “Hulk.” Kevin uses sentences such as, “I like” to share his ideas to the audience. Kevin describes Hulk in a way that gives visual information to the audiences, e.g.: green, strong. ADD IMAGE Kevin uses phonemic awareness to spell “favourite,” this shows that he is writing about a personal topic. He uses numeric format to arrange his ideas and is able to spell frequently used words such as, it and is. Kevin shows that he can use full stops where needed at the start of the writing, however drops using full stops towards the end of the text. Kevin has not yet grasp using capitals when starting new sentences, however he has the knowledge of using capitals
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