Essay Analysing Crowd Control

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Are inadequate crowd control measures a significant problem for major events?

Crowd management is known to be one of the most essential aspects within any major event. From pre planning stages to execution, crowd control techniques lay a foundation for a controlled, safe and well-regulated environment. Due to poorly established risk assessments and crowd administration, many large-scale events in the past have ended in terrible tragedy. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the trends of crowd management that are compromising the safety of all event attendees and determine how these trends can be rectified for future concerts and festivals. This will be achieved by exploring what crowd control entails and identifying the
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It focuses on the concern of the pre event planning that was not adequate enough in controlling the masses of people entering the event through a small tunnel and ultimately ended in fatality. The article further explores mathematical examples of probability and utility of risk management; it is however, the theoretical research that has resulted from these equations that will be relevant for this journal article study. The study also demonstrates the key challenges of contemporary risk management with respect to the love parade tragedy; this will be the most beneficial material for the author’s journal article.

The writer believes that the three key sources will lay a credible foundation for the remainder of the research for the journal article on crowd management issues. The sources are reliable, in depth and show different perspectives regarding the concerns about safety and adequate control of crowds in major events. The analysis of risk management has proven to be a helpful tool in assessing where certain measures have gone wrong that lead to tragic circumstances. Although the three sources provide and extensive insight into the topic, further research is required to better analyse crowd control procedures.


Large-scale events are part of a flourishing industry and continue to grow both nationwide and worldwide. The increasing number and popularity of free and
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