Analysing Good Literature

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Analyzing the Literature A literature class, of course, has to require that the students to read a lot of different examples so they will understand the elements of the different types of writing. Unfortunately, many of the works selected will seem archaic and outdated. They may demonstrate a specific method or element that a student needs to understand, but the works themselves do not seem to hold interest or fit a modern style. However, it has been a surprise that the stories, poems and plays have actually been entertaining. Good writing is not difficult to find because there have been so many people who have been writing for so long. The purpose of this course was to demonstrate what good writing is and the elements that make up a good piece of writing regardless of type. It is the purpose of this paper to look at the writing sample that were required to be read for this class and examine them for the elements they contained, and to especially notice the morals and values presented. Short Stories The authors use of the elements of fiction seems to be the most important way to judge whether it is a good work or not. Setting is important because it is the foundation of the story. The reader has to have some point of reference for the work to ground the reading of it. Hawthorne's story says "He had left his laboratory to the care of an assistant" (Hawthorne, 1851, 32) which may not seem to tell the reader anything about the story, but it actually sets up all of the
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