Analysing Jack Delosa's Success in Entrepreneurship and Investment

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AUTHOR: Jack Delosa is a 27-year-old entrepreneur and investor who has a wealth of knowledge beyond his years. Jack has four successful businesses, two of those businesses are multimillion dollar enterprises, MBE education, which helps small to medium enterprises raise money for investors and sell their business. In addition to The Entourage Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that is awakening a generation of innovative and creative young people to move Australia forward by providing business education nationally through high schools (Kordahi 2014, p. xxii).
Entrepreneurship is a powerful combination of imagination, enthusiasm, vigour, passion, excitement, insight,
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He works incredibly hard and challenges himself every day, and he achieved all this because he wasn't afraid to start and fail his way forward, he was optimistic through the failure of his first business and had the courage to pursue his dreams. Jack states that almost like every successful entrepreneur had found themselves in similar situations (Delosa 2014, p.11-12).
Jack states as an entrepreneur you are the creator of you own destiny, and while that may open you up for failure, it also opens you up to a whole new world of opportunity to learn from this failure, which he did. He is an innovator and believes business isn't about money, it is about gaining financial reliability, a name for yourself and a team of good people who can make a long lasting difference to the way people live their lives (Delosa 2014, p. 25).
Teamwork is about showing equality in the world place, blurring the difference between the leader and follower. At The Entourage, Jack believes leadership is about providing a vision and inspiration to ensure people are engaged. It is about capturing the heart of the team, while management is about ensuring we have a place in their heads, in order to be a successful entrepreneur you need to master both management and leadership (Delosa 2014, p. 110 - 114).
Successful entrepreneurs as being those who have recognised that failure is a fundamental part of

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