Analysing Malaysian Students Attitude Towards Fast Food Health Essay

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Analysing Malaysian Students Attitude Towards Fast Food Health Essay
Malaysians were first introduced to fast foods during 1963 when A&W firstly started their restaurant. Consumers’ acceptance of fast foods has been increasing. For the past ten years, there are more and more fast food outlets are coming into Malaysia.
There are rapid expanding development of diverse eating habits and tastes among consumers for convenience foods, such as fast foods. Nowadays, many Malaysian are becoming increasingly more westernized and pursuing greater convenience when eating out. In fact, the main customer group of fast food restaurants is students.
Several dietary factors inherent in fast food may cause a variety of negative health effects, including
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Chapter 3 presents the research framework and the involved variables,
Chapter 4 presents conducting method, design of sample, the sources of data collection, instrumentations use and method of analysis also the limitation and resources.
End of Chapter present the collection of reference.
This research paper is not undertaking as a substantial survey either of brand building or of consumer experience. Nor is it seeking the perception of student to fast food. Brands enhance human daily life. Consumer’s experience of using their familiar brands is more comfortable. This is because the essence of branded eating in fast food restaurants, albeit inflected culturally in different direction. Students consume the same brand as they friends did. This had brought out the trend among students which fast food restaurant is a place to hang out.
According to Schlosser (2001) with increased mobility and the sprawling of urban areas people spent more time commuting to work. This was coupled with an increasing presence of women in the workplace thus leading to less time allocated for food preparation at home. At that stage, some three quarters of the family food budget was initially spent on fast food meals. Quick to capture the changing nature of the business, the fast food industry has also changed the face of the food chain in the last decades. Changes in food presentation and preparation were derived from technological improvements that facilitated the preservation

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