Analysing Personal Dream s through Activation Information Mode Model

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We spend six years of our lives in sleep and many of us do not think about what occurs while asleep. Everyone has experienced more than a few dreams while asleep, that is because, whether you know it or not, everyone dreams while asleep. Based off the Activation Information Mode Model theory, dreams are random neurological firings that have no particular meaning. The reason dreams feel so real and personal is because they are based from recent memories located in the brainstem. Although dreams are meaningless, our brain tries to make connections. Through the Activation Information Mode model people are able to analysis personal dreams.
Dream Theory
In 1977, American psychiatrist and dream researchers, Allan Hobson and Robert McCarley, …show more content…

In the start of the dream I was dreaming and woke up to write down that dream in the journal. Unfortunately, I could not remember the dream and I felt stressed and pressured to have an interesting dream. When I finally woke up my dream journal was blank. The reason I dreamt about writing in the dream journal is because three day before, my teacher assigned us to write al of our dreams down and I never could remember my dreams so I felt stressed to have at least ten dreams. In the dream I was frustrated because I couldn’t remember the dream. The dream had no meaning because dreams are just neurological firings that are synthesized by the upper brain.
Another dream I had took place on November 19, 2013. During this dream Katherine Heigl was dying of cancer inside of an office cubicle. The cubicle was filled with files of papers and had a desktop computer on the desk. Inside he office someone bought Panda Express to eat. That night I went to sleep watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. In that episode Izzy, played by Katherine Heigl, was diagnosed with cancer. The papers were prevalent in my dreams because my bed was covered in notes and other forms of paper. Also, my favorite place to eat is Panda Express and I ate that for dinner before I went to sleep. This dream is a recollection of everything I did within the past few hours of falling asleep, which fully supports the AIM model theory.
On November 20, 2013 I dreamt that I was feeding Grace, Jahnell’s baby, with

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