Analysing The Finances Of Majestic Wine

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1 - Introduction
To further our investigation into The Wineries Industry, we will be analysing the finances of Majestic Wine (MW), a large UK based plc, and applying the findings to our own global company. MW has been operating for 35 years with 211 stores in their network (Majestic Wine Warehouse Ltd, 2015). The company offers a different way for us to Merge and Acquire in California. Instead of producing wine, we could introduce a wine retail experience to consumers and source a wide variety of wine and sommelier knowledge to provide them, or buy out a company already operating in this manner. MW source their products from a variety of New and Old World countries, including France, Italy, New Zealand and California (Majestic Wine Warehouse Ltd, 2015). By importing wines from all types of wineries we can exploit the variety available to offer our customers. Alternatively, we can start with sourcing local California wines in a sustainable and environmentally friendly method. With California having 100% sustainable production of wine (Santini et al, 2013), we can assume that consumers will care about our environmental business methods.

2 - Financial Statements

2.1 - The Statement of Financial Position, appendix 1
The firm’s fiscal year starts as of the 31st March (Annual Report and Accounts, 2014). At this time, MW is worth £96,030,000 in net assets with £16,026,000 working capital. Showing a conservative working capital policy, with a larger proportion than increase…

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