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Swiss-French writer, painter and mostly self-taught architect Le Corbusier was one of the pioneers of what is now called Modern architecture or the International style. He is best known for his architectural projects and theoretical thought.
(Liukkonen, P. 2008. Creative Commons Nimeä-Epäkaupallinen-Ei muutettuja teoksia 1.0 Suomi.)
Believing that architecture is a combination of simple forms and utilitarian needs he created "a machine for living in".
Figure 1: Le Corbusier
(JSVisuals. 2010. Mtanga. JSVisuals.)
Figure 1: Le Corbusier
(JSVisuals. 2010. Mtanga. JSVisuals.)
In one of his books Le Corbusier wrote "Working by calculation, engineers employ
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Cubism or purism is reflected in the Villa Savoye by its relation to a cubist painting. It had scattered, versatile spaces, sharp edges, smooth-surfaces, geometric volumes are used. In the villa Savoye this is translated through rectangular blocks of concrete, steel, and glass. Also in the fact that the Villa Savoye was designed to be viewed in multiple perspectives, like a cubist or purist painting that was fragmented into various segments to show the multiple views. Cubist painting should be viewed as several experiences placed together to show a sequence of events. Much like the Villa Savoye, this was meant to be experienced like a motion picture. Uninterrupted frames of contrasting, flexible rooms. You were meant to walk through and experience it as a whole, whilst appreciating the individuality and versatility of each space. The continuation of the transparent materials, applied in the ribbon windows and sliding doors is a feature also seen in purism or cubism. As well as creating regularity of geometric shapes. The purity in the sense of colour and ornaments within the Villa Savoye also represents Cubism. The plane white exterior walls and generally neutral colour scheme on the interior is typical of purism; Le Corbusier’s interpretation of cubism. Clean, subtle, simple elements make this Cubist villa stand out in Le Corbusier's architecture.
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