Analysing a TV Advertisement Essay

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Analysing a TV Advertisement

The TV advert that I am going to analyse is advertising Comfort, the clothes washing liquid. This advert is very, very unusual. It is about a family made out of fabric, a little bit like rag dolls. I am going to analyse this advert shot by shot so it is easy to understand.

The first shot is set in the bathroom of the 'Clothes family'. Little Lisa cloth is extremely upset that her boyfriend is leaving town for a little while. At the start of the advert she is standing in the bathroom looking extremely upset. Her mother then comes in. This first shot is a tracking shot as it moves with the mum as she enters the bathroom and walks forward to talk to her daughter. The
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This means that getting the costumes just right is extremely vital. In this first shot there are two people, the mum and the daughter. The mum in this case is wearing an assortment of garments made from different types of fabric. The colours also vary from orange and brown. These colours give connotations of warmth and sanctuary. It also suggests the feeling of the sun and fire. The lady also looks strangely like a lion. I am not sure whether this connotation was supposed to be implemented but I think that this suggests the feeling of being protective in a motherly sort of way. The girl however is wearing a different sort of costume. The colours are girlier, pinks and purples but they are not very bright. Her clothes give connotations of being droopy, worried and sad. Her pale face suggests that she maybe a little queasy and her expression also gives these implications.

At the bottom of the page, during the first shot, a small set of writing appears at the bottom of the screen saying 'The Clothes Family'. The first letters of these three words are boxed and all the letters are different shades, such as, cream, pink, and yellow. The font is sort of furry and rugged which looks like cloth or fabric. As the thing that is being advertised is involved with clothes, this goes well with the whole advert. These
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