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EN1420 Analysis 1.1 The history of the right to bear arms, this has been an American tradition since colonist set foot on North American soil. Mass murders have been cause by guns does this mean we should only allow our military to have guns? I believe in the constitution we have the right to bear arms. It was written in the constitution for a reason. Without guns it makes our country weak. I’m not talking about just our military having them I’m talking about citizens not being able to have guns. We have the right to bear arms not only because of the constitution but also for our own safety. In many states they have a law set in place for people with guns. Such as Michigan, which is called the “Castle Law”, if an intruder comes into…show more content…
Guns are dangerous but only when they’re in the wrong hands. Should guns be illegal? Will that solve all the shootings or even reduce them? Doubtful, it may actually increase the shootings and robberies. Gun is what keep most people in their home safe and feel safe. If you took guns away from the people who actually use them correctly you would just be making it easier for the ones who use them illegally. I do believe we need better control on the illegal guns, as it seems they’re too easy to get now. We should be focusing on how to stop illegal guns coming here rather than focusing on taking them away from the people who acquire them legally. We have the right to bear arms this is our American tradition and should stay as it’s written in the constitution. A gun is powerless until someone gets behind it and uses it in the wrong manner. The people who are using it “legally” use it for safety only and not to harm someone unless they’re threatening their family. The media plays a big part in how guns are displayed and only show the negative parts to guns. There should be better education on guns but the point shouldn’t be to scare people away from them. Better education and more control on the illegal guns and you wouldn’t see as many shootings as there are today. American citizens have the right to keep their guns and its an American
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