Analysis : A Dull Gray Day

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One dull gray day, as I was scrolling through the endless pages of Instagram, I decided to look at the hashtag depression. With a mood as bleak as the day, I was hoping for some inspirational quotes but what I found was just the opposite. The images of arms and legs that resembled toothpicks rather than limbs, covered in crimson stripes cut through my senses like the blade that formed the scars. Interspersed between pictures of skeletal girls there were quotes to “inspire” those with similar mental health conditions. Pictures with black and white backgrounds with quotes such as “Skip Dinner, Wake Up Thinner,” and “Look at your thighs. Put down the food.” After further investigation, I began to realize that there are whole pages on Instagram devoted to “inspiring” individuals to not eat and to self-harm. These "thinspiration" support groups idolize self-harm and suicide and encourage individuals to self-harm, refrain from eating, and even commit suicide. Instead of images of optimism and hope, the website spewed messages encouraging people to continue to waste away. It struck me as odd to see that mental health, an arguably undiscussed topic by society, would have a huge following on social media. Mental health is an undeniably important topic, society has ignored the issue of mental health which has created a stigmatism towards those with mental disorders which causes those individuals to not seek the proper and necessary medical attention. As time moves forward, society…
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