Analysis: Alcoholism as a Root of Most Illnesses and Social Evils

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Topic area and a brief analysis Alcoholism Goal Reduce diseases caused by too much consumption of alcohol and accidents across the United States Overview Statistically, the overall consumption of alcohol in the United States has increased abruptly. It's approximated that 51% of adult aged between 18 years and above is regular drinkers and 25% are said to be heavy drinkers. This makes abuse of alcohol as one of the most causes of death in the United States (Sondik, 2010). Alcohol abuse causes the following diseases: -Liver cancer -Liver disease -Dizziness -Photodynamic Therapy -Homocysteine Besides diseases, too much consumption of alcohol normally causes a lot of accidents in the United States. According Pennsylvania & National Drunk Driving accident, deaths caused by the accidents as a result of abuse of alcohol in 2010 only are 31% of overall accidents which occurred. This place it as one of the dangers of teenagers aged between 17 to 22 years who are mostly involved in alcohol abuse. Why should we prevent too much consumption of alcohol? The use of alcohol is one of the single most causes of death due to accidents and health related issues in the United States. Approximately over 75,000 Americans both young and senior die in road accidents under the influence of alcohol yearly (Snyder, 2010). More than 10% of people who are alcohol addict are normally suffer from diseases related to alcohol such as liver cancer, dizziness and photodynamic Therapy.

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