Analysis And Assessment Of The Use Of Ellipsis

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CHAPTER FOUR ANALYSIS AND ASSESSMENT OF THE USE OF ELLIPSIS IN SELECTED EXCERPTS FROM DRAMATIC AND NARRATIVE TEXTS 4.1 Introduction This chapter is concerned with the practical part of this study; it is devoted to the analysis of ellipsis found in Drama and Novel. Having discussed ellipsis in English, the present chapter will concentrate on analyzing two different literary texts: Drama and Novels, namely, Death of A salesman and The Old Man and the Sea. In the analysis of data, both texts are approximately the same length, which will be analyzed then they will be compared from the viewpoint of the use of ellipsis in order to point out similarities and dissimilarities between them. To ensure possible differences, texts of two different styles, one of a dramatic style, whereas the other of a narrative style, are chosen for the analysis. Objectives of comparative analysis are to find out and identify all types of ellipsis in both dramatic and narrative texts, and compare their ratio within both types of texts. In analyses of each text, there will be a table in which the most frequently found types of ellipsis will be displayed. However, as probably a most suitable combination of ellipted items may be expected which will be involved in the table in order to provide full form without ellipsis. It is important to refer to the sentences which have more than once acceptability of ellipted items, and then only the suitable one will be provided. Concerning marking the ellipted
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