Analysis And Competency Framework For A New Customer Services Manager

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In the growing and competing business world today, it solely reflects on the HR manager to practice the best strategies in the recruitment and selection process while recruiting the best among the vast talent that is available. The HR Manager’s decision in selecting the right candidate is essential in the development of an effective workforce leading successful organisations. A successful employment relationship builds excellent talents and a perfect organisation (Salamon 1998:3).
The aim of this essay is to discuss the steps of the resourcing processes of the HR Manager in hiring and a new customer services manager to replace the current customer services manager that is retiring in a large chain of high-street retail stores operating in
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Job analysis is essential as successful recruitment process relies on the effectiveness of this analysis in human resource management process (Caruth et al 2009:96-9). Job analysis collects relevant information pertaining the vacant customer services manager position, and is normally prepared by the HR manager. Job analysis can be structured into two, which is job description and job/person specification. Job description is then designed from the information gathered from Job analysis. Job description highlights the overall details and duties of the customer services manager position whilst job specification on the other hand assesses the qualities and skills required based on the criteria of the customer services manager position. Job description’s main focuses include the job title, responsibilities, remuneration and working hours, while job specification’s main focuses include qualifications, experiences, skills, and other accomplishments gained such as from trainings. The whole purpose of job analysis is to implement changes in the position structure to match certain requirements of the vacant customer services position. Job descriptions should be examined from time to time, as reflecting on an existing job description may be misleading as the customer services manager position may have changed over the years since the current customer services manager is nearing retirement, hence the necessary changes needs to
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