Analysis And Evaluation Of Fitbit Inc.

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This report presents a compilation of an analysis and evaluation of Fitbit Inc., its current market positioning, some of the company’s challenges, and a strategic plan developed by the Ebi Team. The interpretation and analysis are based upon facts and figures retrieved from Fitbit company and industry trends. The report provides a description of the company and includes its introduction, a history covering major events and the key facts related to the company. The first section provides a detailed internal and external analysis of Fitbit, and to support the information, a SWOT analysis and Porter’s Five Forces Model analysis have been used. Fitbit has some important strength factors, such as the first mover advantage and a strong brand equity. From the external analysis, the company has strong influence of technological factors and sociocultural forces, as they want to empower and inspire them to have a healthy life. The second section provides information about two relevant problems that the company is facing: the lack of diversification and product cannibalization, and what would be the group’s strategic plan to minimize these issues or even solve them. The criteria chosen to evaluate the company and alternative solutions are also described and includes partnerships with fashion brands, sponsorsorships, expansion, and product diversification, preparing thus Fitbit to keep its competitive advantages and success. A brief overview of the company’s financial is
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