Analysis And Interpretation Of A Gap Of Sky By Anna Hope

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Analysis and interpretation of the short story
“A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope

Freedom. Youth. Two things often associated. We have the chance to explore, to work for our desires, and our choices. We are truly free to choose our own paths. As a teenager we get to find ourselves. We get to find the answers for our life. What we stand for, how we want to live our lives, it’s all a process of being free, and growing up. It’s simple, right?
In Scandinavia and most of the western world, we are truly free to choose our own educations, our life goals, our destiny is only ours to choose. These are things, some people only dream of.
The question of what path we should chose now arises. In the short story “A Gap of Sky” written by Anna Hope, this is the
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These two quotes shows it. We as the reader are reading her mind. We learn throughout the story that Ellie is really tired of university, education and things that are expected of her. She has an essay she has to turn in tomorrow, else she will be kicked out of the course. However, Ellie is not sure why she is trying to get ink, so she can write and turn in the essay. She is searching for freedom. Her life is a continuous search for freedom. Ellie is conscious about the fact that there is more to life, than school, expatiations of assignments. This is why she often use the word “free”. Unfortunately, to accomplish this feeling of being free, she uses cigarettes, alcohol and worst of all,…show more content…
The whole story is set in/near London. A capital city where noise, many people, huge buildings etc. is to be found almost everywhere. Things that all have an impact on Ellie. The city can be a reflection of how Ellie feels inside her mind. She even compares the city and the university with herself.
“She things of the past year, of university, and it feels like the sludge, like thick dark sludge in her brain”(page 2, line 48-49)
Ellie is slowly starting to realize she has let the city take over her life. She has allowed drugs, alcohol and bad influence, the crazy side of a large capital, to take over her life. Luckily she is starting to realizing how precious and short life really is. This is beautifully described by, as the title refers to, a gap in the sky.
“She dodges her way through the traffic, clotted like blood in the arteries nearing the heart of the city. She turns left, onto Shaftesbury Avenue, and as she turns there is a gap of sky to her right, an emptiness, a vacancy that she doesn’t remember seeing before, something destroyed, or being built.”(page 3, line

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