Analysis And Notation Of A Companies ' Actualized Capital Structure And Dividend Policies

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Analysis and notation of a companies’ actualized capital structure and payout policies serves as a temporal exposé; much can be reveal regarding how the company is managed and how such data bodes for the future. Therefore, a comprehensive appraisal of GMs current conventions pertaining to financing is capable of functioning as a test of overall forward virility or debility. Ratiocinations can be drawn based on the policies uncovered and insights gained.
Moreover, with this axiom in mind, revisiting GMs financial statements after previously scouring documents delineating the company’s IPO of 2010 provides means of an actionable comparison, denoting the static or dynamic structural adaptations occurring in the interim. Finally, it necessary to constate the practicality of the findings as they directly relate to financing methods employed by GM.
GM Current Capital Structure
As of the dissemination of GM financial information for the fiscal year ended on December 31st, 2015, GM’s financial constitution is as follows. Pursuant with the consolidated balance sheet, GM currently carries an aggregate short-term debt, including current tranches of long-term debt, of $19,562 million dollars. The components of which represent $18,745m in GM financial-specific outlays and $817m in automotive debt. These figures typify a significant aggrandizement of the short-term debt account from the anterior year which remarked a sum of only $14,944 in 2014. The pretext for such a…
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