Analysis And Objectives Of Tourism Holdings Pty Ltd.

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ANALYSIS AND OBJECTIVES Tourism Holdings Pty Ltd Business Unit: Resonline GUY GRIGG (S3551270) CIO OF TOURISM HOLDINGS 2 Situation Analysis Tourism Holdings is an umbrella company which contains 3 main business Units. 1. Bookeasy – an online software solution for Visitor Centres in Australia and New Zealand. 2. Resonline – a channel management solution which connects accommodation operators to Online Travel Agent websites (Evans 2013). 3. Impartmedia – a website development company for Tourism operators and consolidators. This report will focus on the Resonline Business Unit. 2.1 The Market 2.1.1 Needs Resonline supplies software solutions to its customers to help them target international and domestic travellers to purchase…show more content…
Data from (Australia 2013b) Combined Combining the research above, the market value as at 2013 is worth $32.35 billion dollars per year, and of particular interest is the rented house/apartment/flat or unit market, which contributes $9.7973 billion dollars to the Australian economy. 2.1.3 Trends As revealed by (reference 2), 62% of Australian accommodation provides instant confirmation on traveller bookings, the remaining 38% are confirmed on request (reference 1). The Trend in the industry is moving away from On Request confirmations, and moving towards instantly confirmed accommodation (Puvaneswary 2015) which better serves the consumers need for instant gratification (Evans 2013). A report collected from Bookeasy’s booking history received from over 41,000 tourism operators since January 2010 clearly confirms this trend in the Australian accommodation sector. (Get this published on a Bookeasy public blog?) Another strong indicator of this trend is that HomeAway, the Largest OTA in the vacation rental business is rapidly converting its customers from On Request to “online bookable” (Schaal 2015) and went on to say that it is so important to them that if their customers don’t upgrade their listing to online bookable then they “may not be on our site someday” (Schaal 2015). 2.1.4 Segmentation The target accommodation market segments which Channel Managers service are… 1. Large Hotel Chains 2. Large Holiday Rental managers 3. Large Hotels 4. Small Hotels 5.

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