Analysis And Summary Of Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing With a significant development of the era of internet information, numerous data from vary field like science, engineer and business need to be handled quickly and accurately, which means the demand of computing power is far more than the ability of current technology. In order to enhance the computing system and save cost, ‘Cloud computing’ was emerged. People use cloud computing commonly in storage, which allow consumers use internet to share or store resources and information. The concept of this technology was proposed initially by John McCarthy in 1960s, while he predicted, computing will become a part of infrastructure instruction like gas, water and electricity everyone can get and use it easily and cheaply. The goal of this paper is to give a brief analysis and summary of cloud computing system. Presented the definition, character and the model of could computing will be the first part. Then, analyzed several advantages and disadvantages is the major part of this report. Finally, this essay will focus on application of this technology in different areas and its future. Table of Contents Cloud Computing 1 1.Introduction of clouding system 1 1.1 The definition of cloud computing 1 1.2 The characteristic of cloud computing 2 1.3 Cloud Computing Service Models 2 1.4Development models 3 2. Advantages and Disadvantages 4 2.1 Advantages 4 2.2 Disadvantages: 4 3. Application and future of cloud 5 4. Conclusion 5 1.Introduction of clouding system 1.1
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