Analysis And Synthesis Of Community Mental Health Services

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Analysis/synthesis There are several various community mental health services available through my research. 3 out of 3 study argued not enough study or research done with their strategies and their studied are in preliminary results. However, those projects can give us a good starting point to expand community mental health services and develop access for those suffer with mental illness. Bently, (1994) discusses “optimistic view” of community mental health services. Goal of community mental health services should be a service that oriented towards patients and family, designed individually, coordinated and to provide continuity of care. Society should view community mental health services as new “rich source” that has not been uncovered and utilized as resources for patients and families (Bently, 1994). Community mental health services can create some support and relief to psychiatric boarding because it can reduce ED use and psychiatric boarding. Currier, (2010) and Larimer, (2009) study both address and attempting to support people with chronic mental illness who are homeless. Both studies assumes recurrent use of ED by that population are not cost effective and crippling hospitals funding and resources (Currier, Fisher, & Caine, 2010 & Larimer, et al., 2009). 1811 Eastlake project is a growing and expanding project that was established in Seattle, WA. Their goal is to support and create an environment for the homeless population with mental illness to achieve their
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