Analysis : Automated Tissue Image Analysis

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Topic1: image analysis JIAN GAO 13050902 This report is about automated tissue image analysis, there are 5 parts in this article: 1. Introduction of image analysis 2. How image analysis be used in slide image of histology 3. What can be obtained from slide of diagnostic use 4. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of image analysis 5. Conclusion 1. What is the image analysis Histology is a microscopic study of organic tissue, is an important tool to diagnosis of cancer and other diseases. The traditional method is artificial test, which needs to make a tissue slide and obtaining under a microscope by naked eyes, for this method, the processing of analysis is a monotonous and long work, and there are unavoidable artificial errors. So develop an automated tissue image analysis is a very important study. The history of development of automated image analysis technology: scientists has done the study since 1920, start for application on 1960, the range of application expanded rapidly after 1970, and nowadays: the application of image analysis technology in almost every fields of nature science. Of course, Image analysis also can be used in medical science for histology tissue study(). Image analysis system is a digital technique, which consist of two parts: hardware and computer software: the hardware includes are input device
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