Analysis: Battle At Marathon

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Battle At Marathon On September 12, 490 BCE, Greek colonists set out from Greece, many wound up in Ionia, in Asia Minor. Persians took over Ionia. Ionian Greeks, who found the Persian rule oppressive, attempted to revolt with the aid of the mainland Greeks. Greece then came to the attention of the Persians, and war between them began. Persians, under King Darius' generals, Datis and Artaphernes, landed on the Greek Plain of Marathon. The Spartans were willing to provide timely help for the Athenians, so Athens' army, which was about 1/3 the size of the Persian's supplemented by 1,000 Plataeans, and led by Callimachus and Miltiades , fought the Persians. The winners were around 10,000 Greeks but the losers were about 25,000 Persians. The leaders
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