Analysis : ' Bless ' And ' Me Ultima '

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Chelsy Martinez September 21, 2017 Mr. Amoroso AP Literature Another part of living is also knowing that death follows. No one can escape it as much as we try to it’s an inevitability that our breaths at one moment our very last moment in life will cease to continue. We ponder upon multiple questions due to this one event, main question being why? As that one question is asked by millions of people at least once in their lives it always ends up challenging our inner state of mind and way of thinking therefore leading to the change of what how we use to trust and our way of perceiving of what’s wrong or right and what we thought was real. Which can be seen through the story that Rudolfo Anaya developed in Bless Me Ultima. Death something so…show more content…
Water can be seen as a clear substance it can as well be seen as untrained by other substances as well as pure and good. Which are also words that we use when describing a child 's innocence and life for the reason that they still don 't fully grasp the concept of what human beings are fully capable of. Where 's as for blood one rapidity associates it with life and how without blood we humans can 't truly live. So when Antonio says “my river” he 's talking about the innocence of of his childhood and that by witnessing the death of Lupito the hard reality of life which is represented by the bloodshed has now entered into the once was innocent life of Antonio and now has began the process of growing up at an earlier age. Also leading to the long process of questioning what to believe and what not to. This also lead to the religious conflict that Antonio was having within himself as whether if God was truly a fair and just god. Due to what he was taught he wondered whether Lupito would truly end up with the results that he wanted or would he end up having to be a tortured souls walking the earth never to truly end his already troublesome life in peace. If God was apparently a loving God who cared for his children why let an injustice continue why not stop it from happening before the results are fatal and cannot be taken back. These were questions that Antonio was asking. Leading to the beginning of him

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