Analysis: California Correctional Health Care Services

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Abstract Every human being in this world is born with some rights and some obligations. One of the chief right that every individual must have is the right to life saving health care. Humanity dictates that every individual regardless of their place and position in society, their occupation, color, caste of creed. Therefore even prisoners deserve top class health facilities and to ensure the provision of these is the duty of the government. There are many governmental agencies in the world that look after the health of prisoners, one such example is the WHO, others include National Commission on Correctional Health Care in the US, Her Majesty's Prison Service/ department of health, National Health Service in UK, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation etc. the paper will analyze the work of one such organization and its laws, rules, as well as its processes of accreditation, certification and authorization. Introduction In U.S.A the government provides free of cost basic health care and educational facilities, making them public facilities. In American prisons the prisoners benefit from mainly government provided or public health services as they are easily accessible and cheap or free of coat, whereas the same services provided by private firms are too expensive for the inmates to use. These facilities provided by the public sector are most often not for sale, but are for the benefit of the citizens. The US prison's history shows that flogging, pillory

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