Analysis Christina Aguilera's Beautiful Essay

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Artists use music video’s to visually show the meaning behind of the song and how they want it to be portrayed. Some music video’s use socio-cultural codes to construct the visual narrative and structure of their work. For example the music video of Christina Aguilera’s song ‘Beautiful’, ‘packed with a message of holding one’s self up against criticism from the outside.’¹, shows the insecurities people have with what society portrays to be beautiful. Such as showing characters throughout the video struggling with body image, sexual preference and bullying. The characters develop throughout the video, showing that they accept themselves for who they are and understand the meaning of inner beauty. Music videos are created for multiple…show more content…
At the end of the music video it shows the young girl breaking the mirror as she punches it through, as if saying that she doesn’t want to be anorexic anymore. It also shows the young boy looking in his bathroom mirror, showing that his body shape had changed slightly. A smile then came across his face, being happy with what he sees. These sequences show how the characters struggled with their body image and how they saw themselves and what they believe they should look like to fit in with society and their peers, but also how they came to accept themselves for who they are. The video continues to show other sequences of other characters, showing examples of socio-cultural codes such as problems with self-esteem and what society portrays to be beautiful, as well as bullying. The music video shows a young African- American girl ripping out pages of a magazine showing only white models. The magazine images may also be showing how you should look to be categorised as beautiful, ‘Society’s expectations colour our beliefs about the ideal body image and sometimes this creates problems or causes harm². She is shown to be throwing the ripped pages into the fire, not wanting to see what society believes to be beautiful. Another scene shows a young girl being physically bullied by her peers and shows her being pushed down to the ground. The scene then goes to show her sitting at a glass table with her reflection, showing the cuts and bruises on her
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