Analysis : Come Experience California Grapes

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California is facing a budgetary crisis, and the government proposes to resolve this problem by increasing the amount of tourism from out of state. There are many vineyards in California, so the government plans on taking advantage of their fertile lands as a selling point for tourism. An advertisement titled, “Come Experience California Grapes” has emerged, showcasing the rich food culture of California agriculture. This ad is found predominantly in food magazines such as Food Network and Gourmet. In the advertisement, the targeted audience is invited to tour the vast selection of wineries that are available in California. While grapes partake in an essential part of California’s history, its production in wine has given a rise to new cultures that are prevalent today.
The advertisement features three pictures that are located on the top of the image. These pictures suggests different social settings in which wine is consumed. In addition two bottles of wine are being poured into separate glasses towards the bottom of the picture. The placements of the subjects encourage the viewer to begin from the top and read their way towards the bottom. There are also accompanying texts near the center that invites the audience to travel to California. Once the reader reaches the bottom of the image, they begin to focus their attention to the background of the advertisement. A mesmerizing picture of a vineyard is displayed, allowing the viewer to witness the beauty and abundance of…
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