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Project Overview Compass Team 10 partnered with Professor Carolyn Goerner, a management professor at the Kelley School of Business, to research challenges that student leaders face. This research was our primary objective, and utilizing the data to outline a curriculum for an 8-week leadership course was our ultimate goal. The first step was to identify leaders across IU and reach out to them. Their honest input was crucial to learning the challenges that leaders face and what they would most like to learn. The next step was to create a detailed survey, consisting of multiple choice and open-ended questions. Next, we analyzed our data for reoccurring trends and created a class outline. Finally, we presented our raw data and suggestions…show more content…
Survey Creating the survey was a crucial part of the project, as it was necessary to ask questions in a way that would allow the student leaders to reflect on their experiences and ultimately return high quality responses to us. First, we identified general requirements and constraints that our survey would need to follow: It could not be too short. If we did not ask enough questions the first time around, it would likely be difficult to make contact with the leaders again, especially given our time constraints with the project. It could not be too long. As students, our peers are always throwing surveys our way. We understand that if a survey is too long, people will be deterred from completing it. It must have a variety of question types. Chances are, not everyone is willing to give a lot of details in open-ended questions. Multiple choice and check-box questions help us get more input from such people. It must cover a variety of subjects. We cannot just ask students leaders what their challenges are. We want to dig deeper and learn about their demographics, personality, experience, and organization as well. Our finalized survey, created with Google Forms, had 34 questions, consisting of 6 short answer (one or two words), 16 multiple choice, 2 check-box (select all that apply), 7 long answer, and 3 ranking (frequency or rate) questions. The questions were separated into 6 sections: personal information, leadership experiences,
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