Analysis : Dance A Long

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I. Modality Category: Motor Skill Development
II. Name of Intervention Activity: “Dance-A-Long”
III. Materials Needed:
• Test of Gross Motor Development-2 o
• Activity room/gymnasium
• Kids Party Music o YMCA o Cha Cha Slide
• IPod/MP3 Player with speakers

IV. Treatment Population/Diagnosis: MR/DD- Autism
V. Description of Treatment Population/Diagnosis:
• Physical: Individuals with autism often display deficits in motor development including sensorimotor, gross, and fine motor skills. The motor coordination of gross motor skills is impaired due to neurological functioning and sensory processing within the brain. The repetition and instruction during the movement of dance can be used to improve gross motor movements (Rain, 2014).
• Social: Individuals with autism often lack social skills. This intervention can help improve social interaction between clients and therapists in the group setting.
• Cognitive: Individuals with autism also experience cognitive deficiencies. “Dance-A-Long” enables clients to work listening to music and following directions.

VI. Recommended Group:
This intervention is recommended for children with autism ages 6-12. The recommended group size for “Dance-A-Long” is ten clients with three therapists. This allows one therapist to lead at the front of the room as a model for the dance movements. The two…
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