Analysis : Data Immersion, Data And Data

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1.1 Procedures To analysis the collected qualitative data, the five steps for qualitative data analysis was applied: data immersion, data coding, data reduction, data display, and interpretation (Lui 2014). In the data immersion step, besides reading and rereading the transcription of recording, the observation note and report also been reviewed to familiar with the research topic and context; meanwhile, other general information before the research also been reviewed, such as memos and relative reports. To identify the different issues which are associated within the two interviews, the next step is coding. At the first cycle of data coding, there were 18 codes which are identified by loose coding method. Next, I aggregated these codes into 6 categories. At the end of the data reduction step, I got three themes. After that, to assemble the information and patterns the data would be displayed by matrix method which also easily illustrated the conclusion of this research. Finally, in the interpretation part, the general deep and meaningful understanding would be shown through the data display and analysis. 1.2 Categories Before coding the qualitative data, I have picked up the important and topic relevant context and integrated them into matrix for the further data coding and reduction. For Li’s interview, I took 67 items from the whole content; and for Qi’s interview, I took 37 items because Qi haven’t worked in an Australian hospital, and she only can provide the general
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