Analysis : ' Death '

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STRUCTURE 1. Point of View – Death; Third person omniscient and when speaking about himself first person. 2. Relationship to meaning: Death being a narrator shows everyone perspective on thing other then it being to say Liesel where she would only show what she feels and sees. Death shows what’s going on in the war and how many people are dying and the outside world from Munich and what goes on at the time. 3. Plot Structure a. Exposition – Liesel is an 11 year old girl that is put for adoption and she is taken to Mulching, Germany with her foster parents, Hans and Rosa Hubermann, she feels very out of place with them but adapts quickly. Her foster parents aren’t big supporters of Hitler and Hans isn’t a part of the Nazi Party because of his past with Jews. Liesel plays soccer with the kids that live on Himmel Street and Hans teaches her how to read. b. Inciting Incident – Liesel’s little brother died on the way to Molching when Liesel’s mother put them for adoption when she couldn’t take care for them anymore. Liesel finds her first book The Gravedigger Handbook at her brothers’ funereal. c. Events contributing to rising action – Liesel starts loving for her foster parents more and Max Vandenburg, a Jew, came to 33 Himmel Street and stayed in the Hubermann’s basement for almost 2 years and wrote books form Mien Kampf that he would give to Liesel. Liesel stole books from Ilsa Herman, the mayor’s wife and Rosa did her washing and ironing, and stealing food with Rudy. The Nazi
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