Analysis Essay on Childhood Obesity

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Although the issue of what constitutes obesity is not black and white and some experts object to the statement that is what really matters. I agree with the above statement because achieving results benefits young and old. I also feel that childhood obesity is not an epidemic. I do feel that a parent should show their child right from wrong when it comes to eating habits. However, I feel that once the child is seven years old he/she should be able to choose what kind of foods are good and bad for you. When it comes to allowing your children to watch television, and play video games over going outside and riding, their bike is to blame on the parent. Is childhood obesity an epidemic? It depends on whom you ask. According to authors such…show more content…
She feels that thirty percent of children are overweight or obese and fifteen percent are between the ages of 6 and 11. According to Lafferty (2006), if you are an overweight child, you have a seventy percent chance of being an overweight adult and if you have overweight parent or parents, you have an eighty percent chance of being an overweight child. She also feels that children will have low self-esteem. (Lafferty, , 2006). Lafferty makes many more points (claims) in her essay that are logical. She gives supporting evidence behind what is said in her essay through citations and reference pages. As I can see she gives great explanations to what she writes and makes her argument believable. According to Pruitt (2009),” the Hispanic subgroup had approximately thirty-seven percent more overweight prevalence in 2004, higher that both non-Hispanic black children (they are thirty-five percent), and non-Hispanic white children (they are sixteen percent) (Pruitt, 2009,).” Pruitt stated (Pruitt,, 2009) that 21.8 percent of Hispanics and 12.3 percent of Caucasian children are overweight. He addresses the health issues, as did the other authors. However, he stated (Pruitt,, 2009) that being overweight causes a longer recovery time after surgery. Pruitt said, overweight children are made fun of by their peers and do not want to participate in school sports or activities due to body related issues or because they are
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