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Jennell Barnett 20 September 2014 ENG104H Paper 1 My Critical Analysis of “The Cranes” Certain circumstances and situations can cause drastic changes in one’s life. Sometimes change can have a negative effect on a person, and they start to resent the gift of living. Dwelling on unpleasant changes can create severe damage to one’s emotional stability. When one focuses on the negative instead of the positive, life becomes unbearable and can result in an individual wanting to take their own life. Unfortunately, that is what happened to the old couple in the short story, “The Cranes” written by Peter Meinke. Thinking outside of the box is needed to fully analyze the couple’s characteristics, their conversations, and their decision to…show more content…
Because of that change, their mindset began to change and so did their conversations. “I wish they’d court,” says the husband. The husband and the wife start conversing about the cranes mating and living a long time. They really wish that they could be like the cranes happy, together in their aged years. When the wife mentions how beautiful the cranes are, the unhappy husband says that’s why they’re almost extinct. It seems like the husband can’t find anything positive to say when they communicate because he is not content with his life. The wife changes subjects when they were talking about the cranes mating to missing their children. That is another effect of old age. When she brings up the children, she goes back to blaming herself for the way things are. The husband reply to her that she thinks everything is her fault. Throughout their conversations, they all fall into some form of melancholy. The couple’s decision to end their lives was a poor, critical choice they concurred upon. Their lives were substandard and imperfect. They had love for each other which I believe could have superseded their flawed condition. The husband expressed to the wife, “You were terrific in ways I couldn’t tell the kids about.” That statement means they had a strong passion, and frankly, that wasn’t enough for them to want to stay alive. All they knew is that they were old, their body had problems, and they were tired of living in their condition. They
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