Analysis : ' Falling ' Celestial Bodies : Asteroid Trajectory And Impact Duration 4 Weeks

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Task Type: Extended Response Task (ERT) Forces, Energy and Motion Nature of Task: Individual Response/non-experimental (Guided inquiry) Duration 4 weeks READ, CHECK BOXES, SIGN, AND SUBMIT THIS FORM WITH FINAL ASSESSMENT Student Identification: Grade 11 SUBJECT DETAILS SUBJECT Physics Year 2015 TEACHER Term 2 UNIT TITLE “Falling” Celestial Bodies: Asteroid Trajectory and Impact Duration 4 weeks General Assessment Information This is an individual, non-experimental research based assessment item. Students may however, work collaboratively in class during the first week to develop an…show more content…
However, a written draft is required to be submitted for all formats. (N.B. Simple replication of a written document into an electronic or digital format does not constitute a multimodal response. A multimodal response uses a combination of at least two modes to communicate with a live or virtual audience.) For spoken responses a specific time limit of 4-5 minutes will be enforced. For multi-modal submissions a maximum of 7 minutes must be adhered to. You must demonstrate a knowledge and conceptual understanding of the topic that highlights your capacity to work logically, rationally and scientifically. You are required to keep a daily journal or logbook of the progress of your ERT. Your end response should employ a clearly defined investigative thought process, and provide a considered and conclusive evaluation (end-argument). It should also be presented with clarity of meaning and a level of complexity suited to your intended audience. Ownership of material submitted Will be authenticated through:  Progress checks during classes over the course of the ERT, This will include checking log book entries;  Submission of drafts prior to the due date, (a copy of this sheet is to be included with the final submission);  Documentation of where information has been sourced and appropriate in text referencing. A bibliography (included in the final draft). Important information/dates:  Week beginning 11 May 2015 ERT Conditions of Assessment
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