Analysis : Fun Home : A Family Tragicomic, By Allison Bechdel

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The Complex Home Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic, is a graphic memoir written and illustrated with an elaborate process by Allison Bechdel. It depicts Allison’s childhood and understanding her sexual identity. As she is figuring out her own, she experiences a complex relationship with her father, who struggles with his own sexual identity but in a separate way. By incorporating themes such as sexual orientation, community, and communication, Allison created a story about understanding herself and her father. In this paper, I demonstrate how the literary allusions create a connection between Allison and the reader; this community established between herself and the reader, reflects her desire to be included in the gay community. I also will…show more content…
When her mother exposes Allison’s fathers secret, Allison sees how her and her father had similar situations but handled them differently. Allison eventually was open about her sexuality by being with a female partner and going to “gay union” meetings. However, her father had multiple affairs with other men and was not open about it. This could have been due to her father’s fear of coming out or because he has a wife and family. Either way Allison’s father was afraid to be who he truly was. Sexual Orientation is a prominent theme in this story and if you look at the two main characters, Allison and her father each took a separate route on how to handle their situations. Allison embraced her sexuality while her father let it eat up inside him and failed to communicate who he was. Understanding one’s sexual orientation is a complex situation. Allison and her father are perfect examples of this complexity. Her father never could truly admit to who he was while Allison’s whole childhood was dedicated to understanding herself. There is no one way to understand your sexual orientation and Allison is just one of many people who attempt to understand it their selves. In some cases, like her fathers, you can never accept who you really are and that could have been why Allison’s father was always in a peevish mood. Fun Home shows the complexity of the situation and that there is no uncomplicated way to understand one’s sexual orientation. However, Allison does a

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