Analysis : Holden And Chevy Silverado 2500hd. Product Analysis

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Holden & Chevy Silverado 2500HD
Product Analysis

This essay will use a semiotic analysis approach in order to send a message to the buyer and to the rest of the world. An analysis of cultural myths will be conducted on how males, automotive and nature are often seen and used in advertisement. An understanding of social and political views will be discussed in conjunction with the common consumerism view in different advertisement. “Signs may take the form of words, images, sounds odours, flavours, acts, objector camera angles” (Danesi, 202, p. 31). Retrieved from Pelin and Banu (2015) or “Paradigmatic and syntagmatic analysis are, also, applied to textual and visual signs in the automotive ads, in order to reveal the reflections of sustainability issues (Saussure,1983, p. 115). Retrieved from Pelin and Banu (2015). The magazines chosen for this essay has produce many advertisement of cars for different demographic, and two of the advertisement from both magazines would be analyze throughout the essay.

In terms of the VALS the target audience will be markers, believers, experiencers, achievers, innovators who enjoyed outdoors, who love doing activities and spending leisure time with people. The target audience of Gourmet Traveller (Fig.1) that are range from the age between 25 to 49 years old. The magazine currently has a total of 230,000 readers as stated by Morgan, R. (2016), the magazine was mostly read by women with the percentage of 62.7% in comparison to the men at…
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