Analysis: How Has Racism Changed From The 1930's To Today

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How has racism changed from the 1930’s to now?
What is racism? Racism is discrimination directed against someone or a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. Although racist people still exist today, it has changed over time but for the better or the worse?
In 1931, nine young African American boys were accused of gang-raping two white women on a train to Chattanooga from Memphis. The case was tried completely on the substructure of the attestation of the two white women known as Victoria Price and Ruby Bates. It began when Haywood Patterson and his friends got into a rock throwing fight when a white boy stepped on his hand. Two young white women were questioned one claimed rape by twelve black boys with guns where
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Do cases like that still exist? Did you know that if you’re a colored person and do the same crime a white male/female has done you would get sentenced 60% longer of jail time? According to M. Marit Rehavi and Sonja B. Starr, the racial disparities can be taught as “in a single prosecutorial decision: whether to file a charge carrying a mandatory minimum sentence. Black people were on average more than twice as likely to go to jail longer than a white person.
In the past blacks were not allowed to be with white people but now today you would see black kids with white kids and black adults with white adults. Although a lot has changed a lot has the stayed the same and even though racism is not as bad as it was back then it is still bad. An example of it being bad is in 2015 an outbreak for white cops shooting unarmed black people and black people shooting innocent white cops. Those cases turned into jokes now more cases happened making not just white cops but all cops bad.
In conclusion racism did change for the better but it still isn’t perfect and it never will be. The Scottsboro Boys were sentenced out of two white women being racist, but today kids and adults participate in all ethnic groups. Something like that was not possible back then but now that it is the world is a much better
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