Analysis: How the First Christian Books Were Written Collected and Preserved

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An Analysis of How the First Christian Books Were Written, Collected, and Preserved It is no secret that Scripture was written by Christ's disciples but tradition tells us that it is the inspired word of God. Scripture itself has been handed down to us through the centuries by the Christian Church. It was the early Church, founded by Jesus Christ (as the Bible itself illustrates), which first gathered all the books of the Bible and gave its authoritative pronouncement that these books were the inspired Word of God and that they alone constituted the written deposit of faith to which nothing more would be added till the end of time. The Christian Church retained sole authority over the Bible and all interpretation was performed by it. Such was the case throughout the centuries until the Protestant Reformation institutionalized the idea of private interpretation. Prior to this, however, there was one doctrine and one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. This doctrine could be found everywhere that the early Church spread. It existed not only in Scripture but also in the teachings of Tradition as passed down by Christian writers like Augustine, Basil, and John Chrysostom. Like Scripture, their books were collected and preserved not because they were believed to be the Word of God but because they contained clear and erudite explanations of the doctrine of God. This paper will examine how the first Christian Books were written, preserved, and collected. The first Christian

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