Analysis Kentucky Fried Chicken's Cross-Cultural Marketing Strategies

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Analysis Kentucky Fried Chicken's Cross-cultural Marketing Strategies in China from the Point of View of Cultural Identity Introduction With the acceleration of the process of economic globalization, enterprises face the consumer behavior differences caused by the cultural identity between countries inevitably in the process of international operations. So, corporate marketing executives should understand the cultural background of a country and develop effective marketing strategies accordingly. In cross-cultural marketing, the famous American chain of fast food restaurants - Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has made great success in China doubtlessly, after entering the Chinese market in 1986. As cultural identity has components…show more content…
For instance, food retailers modify the distribution of products according to local tastes, values, and traditions. KFC has done this perfectly. China is a country whose people show greet interests to food culture. Facing Chinese market which has a long and rich food culture, KFC did not stick to the fried chicken and french fries. Beginning from 2000, KFC has continued to try to figure out Chinese people's tastes, launching typical Chinese products, such as old Beijing chicken roll, carrot bread, corn salad, KFC nutritious breakfast (mushrooms and chicken porridge, seafood egg porridge, soy milk, fritters ) and so on. In the past two years, KFC can monthly launch one or two kinds of long-term or short-term localized product. Nowadays, in addition to a few species of raw materials to be imported, KFC has achieved the domestic raw materials in China. Local sourcing not only led to the development of local suppliers, but also to enhance the visibility of the KFC, to narrow the distance with local people, to be more timely in response to food quality and safety issues. Conclusion When economic globalization is becoming severe, in order to develop well and be successful in the world, multinational corporations must be concerned about the cultural differences and their core factors. KFC identifies the key factors

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