Analysis : Khmer Rouge

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Cambodia: Khmer Rogue The ethnic conflict discussed in this paper will be about the Khmer Rouge (khmaε \ˈrüzh) in Cambodia during 1975 and 1979. The Khmer Rouge was a political party led by communist leader Pol Pot. During their establishment over Cambodia, many people died if they were opposing the new political rule. The Khmer Rouge wanted a classless society--no one was poor or rich-everyone had enough to eat. They believe they could solve the poverty issue among many villages by implementing an agricultural system. This meant more farmers and laborers were needed. People were sent to farms as laborers to grow rice. Those people who were not able to work were executed--mostly the elderly and young children. Copious amount of people died every day, not just from execution. Starvation and diseases became prevalent. No one was safe, not even the leaders were safe. Thus, begins the Khmer Rouge genocide. In Shirley A. Fedorak’s chapter, she had stated that, “genocide is the extreme form of ethnic conflict” (61). Genocide, also called ethnic cleansing, is the act of wiping out a whole ethnic group of people. According to Fedorak’s chapter, ethnic conflict is a conflict between two or more ethnic groups with one group having the state of power (64). In the case of the Khmer Rouge, politics is the main element that separates the ethnic groups. This is an anthropological approach to this conflict. There are many reasons for ethnic conflict. According to Fedorak, the main reason
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