Analysis : ' Ladies And Gentlemen '

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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to let our data out of database purgatory and allow it safe passage back home to the business. No more rigid, back and forth time-consuming requests to IT for “ad-hoc” reports and result sets.
The first phase of the project defined and described our KPIs as well as the presentation of those KPIs on our new BI portal. These standard KPI dashboards allow “drive-by” views of how the organization is doing via real-time display of critical measures, as well as the ability to delve deeper into those metrics if desired.
The second phase of the project liberates our data, making it available and leverageable to most personnel on demand using self-service analytics. Essentially, if you can visualize the data you want to see and how you want to see it, you can create meaningful views and metrics very quickly. This concept takes ad-hoc reports to a modern level, empowering people to complete routine jobs faster and capitalize on their ideas with real data that was previously either unavailable or restricted through bureaucracy or technical hurdles.
Self-service analytics will serve to empower business personnel by allowing them to analyze and transform data into strategic and tactical views of the business. It may also foster critical thinking among business users, spawning new ideas for system enhancements and new application development. Empowering the business to conduct their own data analysis, modeling and dashboard creation should also…
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