Analysis: Lord of the Flies Chapter 6,7 and 8

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List of literary devices chapter 6/7/8 Brave words – Personification, the authors way of telling what he’s saying without writing it directly

He was surrounded on all sides by chasms of empty air.
- Metaphor – Relates to the headline of the chapter “beast from the air”, the word empty might refer to the fact that the beast from the air really isn 't a threat.

like the breathing of some stupendous creature – a very picturesquely simile that the reader easily can relate to – gives the reader a good idea of how noisy it is. Once again refers to the headline of the chapter because the boys believe that the dead pilot is a creature or a beast.

whispering like the wind
Simile, a comparison that everyone can relate to,
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They represent or are becoming "savages," which in Golding 's time reminded readers of the native peoples of the America and Africa. This stereotype tended to associate these peoples with a very limited and barbaric culture, failing to appreciate the complex culture that events such as ritual dances expressed.

Piggy remains the lone skeptic among the boys and still unsure of the presence of the beast, which continues to be the focus of island life for Jack and his hunters. Even Ralph, succumbing to fear and suspicion, now believes that there is a beast on the island.

Jack explicitly attempts to overthrow Ralph as chief. Although Ralph successfully defends himself against Jack 's attack by calling the other boys ' attention to Jack 's shortsightedness and cowardice, Jack is resolved that he will take control. Jack 's refusal to accept the other boys ' decision serves as a reminder that Jack is still a child who considers life on the island as a game; he assumes the position that, if he cannot set the rules of the game, he refuses to play at all. This decision provokes the subsequent events of the chapter, which focus on Jack 's rejection not only of Ralph 's authority but of the entire pseudo-democracy on the island that had conferred authority on

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