Analysis : Managing Across Borders

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Managing Across Borders Name of the Student: Name of the University: Author’s Note Introduction: Culture within the society helps to develop values, norms, languages and protocol that influence behavioural pattern of the people living in the same society. It has been assessed that culture is among the prime factors that can have major impact on the effectiveness of the communicational process. Many studies have highlighted the fact that culture influences the way of thinking of an individual that can have major impact on the communication pattern of the strategies (Mazanec et al. 2015). For that reason, organizations often try to develop effective strategies to utilize cultural diversity for capturing different perspectives to a particular decision. Specifically, globalization has made proper management of cultural diversity is necessary within organizational structure. In this study, the focus will be on different perspectives of cultural diversity in order to provide an in-depth analysis regarding effective cross-cultural communication. The study will also focus on highlighting the kind of strategies that the management of different organizations will utilize in order to develop appropriate cross-cultural communication. It will also provide an idea regarding the effective management of cross-cultural communication can have on the effectiveness of the operational process of organization. Furthermore, the study will provide an idea regarding the impact of
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