Analysis : ' Moonlight '

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Moonlight cast a shadow over the girl as she crept along the arid desert turf. Her body was thin and sun stained, as she looked like a woman cut from the stake. Un-kempt hair hung dry and damaged from beneath her hat. It’s brim shaded a hollow gaze and eyes drained of lively color. They held far too much for a girl of twenty five. Within them were memories of the tree they would walk to, who’s leaves basked in southern warmth, and who 's limbs were lush and weighed down with the fruits of the desert peach. Birds of color would take turns inhabiting the branches, and together they would lay in the shaded underbelly and watch them pick at the fruit’s fle-shy skin. A years time had muddied some, but the name of John still echoed in her thoughts, and the image of a scarred cheek and the dark shadow of a beard became to-tems in her mind. On nights when her horse had taken to sleep before her, she would lay awake and draw the lines that connected the stars with her finger. But when her eyes fell heavy with sleep, the darkness of her mind would illuminate, and the pale face of Briar Kane would smile a handsome smile and torment her dreams like a vengeful specter. Yet on this night, sleep was far, and the girl slipped in through the front door of a small wooden shack with a bowie knife drawn. Beside the bed was a nightstand, and on it was a loaded gun. She sheathed the blade and took the gun in hand, and with her boot heel, she drove a swift kick into the back of a sleeping…
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