Analysis : ' Neighborhood Anomalies '

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Neighborhood Anomalies Some unusual characters live in my neighborhood. They vary from all types of unusual but all equal the same in their intensity. They have endangered my life, made me question reality, and tested my temper more times than I like to admit. Unfortunately for me, they are all direct neighbors, so avoiding or escaping them in near to impossible. My neighbor to my right, whom I have nicknamed “Rosewell” is an extraterrestrial fanatic and is also in a rock band that strictly performs in his garage at the specific and consistent time of midnight. Roswell’s obsession with otherworldly life has caused some scares that probably have taken ten years off my lifespan. Once when my whole family besides the dog, Maggie, and myself were out of town for a night, I had decided to stay up late and watch some detective show in the living room. During some point I had notice that there was this weird melody playing in the background, even Maggie had perked her head up trying to find the source. I muted the television and the melody was still there but clearer and I recognized it as the X-files, a 1990 show about extraterrestrial possibilities, theme song. I checked the time assuming it was midnight so it had to be Rosewell playing it, however, it was two in the morning and Roswell 's band usually stopped at one.. Starting to get goose bumps that one gets when they hear music that’s either really good or just creepy, I looked out the window to see if his garage lights…
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