Analysis Of 102 Minutes Jim Dwyer And Kevin Flynn

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Time, what is time, and why is it important? Well time is a concept that humans’ brains can perceive, in fact their brains basically construct the past, the present, and the future. Basically, time is a measurement system, and without it the human race wouldn’t have ever existed. Humans have a very simple understanding of time, and they still do not understand its full potential. Humans only understand the measurement of time, and the manipulation and capturing of time overwhelms them. To this day the only way humans have captured time is their memory, and even then they still get it wrong sometimes. In the Book 102 Minutes Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn wrote about the time that elapsed before and during the unforgettable tragedy on September 11th. Each chapter of 102 Minutes was at least one minute, and in those minute the reader was provided with information about the attacks as well as the stories of workers and heroes. The authors lead the readers up to the horrible happening by giving us stories about how people led their day-to-day lives, then gradually shift to panic and intensity. They were able to accomplish this due to interviews, first-hand accounts, radio and 9-11 phone transcripts, cell phone messages, e-mails, and official reports. This led to a very detailed book about the workers inside The World Trade Centers and the heroes of September 11th. For example Dianne Defontes, a main receptionist for a major law firm, in her regular routine of unlocking the doors was
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