Analysis Of 12 Years A Slave By Samuel Northup

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12 Years a Slave, written by Samuel Northup was a real story about Samuel Northup’s experience in slavery that was published in 1853. His account is still known today as one of the most credible, real life, detailed story of life in slavery. His book is a story about human fight and determination to keep going through hardships. Northrup was taken from is family, kidnapped, beaten, treated poorly and faced cruelties from his masters. He never backed down from his fight or belief in freedom. His story was a message of freedom during a very controversial time in the 1800’s with slavery. It shed public attention on the unspoken cruelties of life as a black person. Samuel Northup was a son of an emancipated black man and was born free. He spent his life in New York working as a laborer and was a very well known violinist. He married his wife when he was 21 and had three children. Samuel was a man of character and lived a modest life in Saratoga Springs, New York. His life changed completely when he was drugged and kidnapped in 1841. He lived in slavery for 12 years and was finally set free in January of 1853. His life would never be the same. His story is written in his book 12 Years a Slave and was published and read around the United States. This book was written as an eye opener to slavery around the United States. Most books published during this time were not credible or did not have details that were believed. In 12 Years a Slave, Northup’s account was a surprisingly…
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