Analysis Of 16 Us Software Development Organizations

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Summary: The paper is a case study analysis of 16 US software development organizations that adopt agile methodologies. The authors aims to provide a more comprehensive understanding of this approach based on the detailed analysis of its practices and how it impact different risk area in the realm of Requirement Engineering (RE). The use of traditional Requirement Engineering recommendations and guidelines in agile development is most of the time problematic and infeasible. These challenges have resulted in the use of different agile practices. The empirical study has identified six agile practices: (1) face-to-face communication over written formal specifications. (2) The iterative nature of requirement engineering process. Only…show more content…
If not considered carefully, these challenges could represent a serious threat to the success of the development process. These challenges include: (1) increased difficulty of time and cost estimation due to vague and ambiguous requirement. (2) The increased of risk choosing inadequate or unsuitable architecture in early stages. (3) Insufficient consideration given to non-functional requirements like maintainability, portability, safety, security, and performance. (4) Lack of customer involvement and participation which can have a very detrimental impact to the success of the project. (5) Focusing too much on business value as a prioritization criteria and neglecting other factors. (6) Requirement verification is not given enough importance. (7) The lack of formal specification documents mainly due to time and budget constraints After presenting a set of practices and challenges imposed by agile methodology. The paper develops a comparison between traditional and agile Requirement Engineering activities. In addition, they discussed the impact of adopting agile practices against nine Requirement Engineering risks found in the literature. The framework presented in the paper that demonstrates the impact of each agile practice on the various risks found on in Requirement Engineering can aid in the assessment of the suitability of a particular agile Requirement Engineering practice. Justification and Critique: I was interested in this article for a couple of
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