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Article 19 – Playtech brings its games and software to Norwegian shores

They are one of the leading names in the world of online casino game development and regularly feature on casino portals throughout the world. Playtech has forged a reputation for quality in the online casino world and they are now bringing such reputation to the shores of Norway. After much deliberation, Playtech have claimed the rights to provide content to Norway’s state-owned gaming operator.

Many within the industry consider the move to be a coup on behalf of Playtech, as they have managed to fend off the competition to seal what is a major deal by any company’s standards. Through the government back operator Playtech will be bring their content to over 4000
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Speaking more on the partnership, those involved have dubbed it an “optimised partnership”, as it one that will eventually work to serve both offline and online markets. Shimon Akad, Playtech COO, has spoke positively on the new agreement by stating that it stands as a “reinforcement of all of our hardwork and showcases an excellent and exciting relationship with Norsk Tipping”. Lene Finstad, Norsk Tipping EVP for Product and Brands, has praised the decision to bring Playtech into the fold. She said, “Playtech has consistently showed a deep understanding of what players want and need” and “by working with Playtech we are working with a company that knows how to create an attractive games strategy”. Analysts see the move as one that will strengthen both parties to no end, given how both already have deep underlying success found within their business structures.

The growth of Playtech has been accelerated over the past few years through shrewd business moves that have seen it step above the competition. The omni-channel software provider currently has 120 licensees in place with 20 key online casino markets around the world. In the past Playtech has not been one to venture into state-owned client agreements, largely due to their potential creative restrictions. As the company has grown it has become evident that Playtech is now in a position to accommodate a state-owned entity within its client base. Industry insiders
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