Analysis Of 1960 's With The Start Of Cad

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Three dimensional (3D) simulations have begun in the 1960’s with the start of CAD. CAD is known as “Computer Aided Drafting” and has been used to creating three dimensional designs in the construction field. Many people in the construction field believe that 3D simulation could waste a lot of time because some people may not be able to read or to understand the design in a 3D simulation. But, as technology have been upgrading and updating to today’s technology, three dimensional simulations have been efficient and useful to the construction field. Since 3D simulations have been changed over the past decade, there are many different types of programs that the construction field uses such as BIM, CAD, and so on. Three dimensional simulations will be the future in the construction field because 3D simulations will be replacing blueprints, BIM will be the next format to creating a blueprint, and 3D simulation will be useful in the construction field. As the arrival of three dimensional simulations have entered into the construction field, 3D simulations will be the technology that will be replacing blueprints and any other two dimensional documents, which are hand drawn designs that are drawn on to paper (Becker). From this, 3D simulations can have information about real life situation and properties. The first shift to using three dimensional simulations began with CAD. CAD is defined as “Computer Aided Drafting.” CAD was used to creating three dimensional designs and models
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