Analysis Of 1984 By George Orwell

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In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, the character Winston Smith fights an ultimate oppressor, while being the worst citizen fit to do the job. Mentally and physically Winston is outmatched and outgunned from finding a way to overthrow his oppressors, but nevertheless still pushes on. For his determination matched with his love for Julia makes him an unstoppable rebel, yet how far can he go if it is his own mind that conforms to his undoing. Winston in the beginning of the novel is cautious and hesitant. Cautious of being watched and many other things, for example he is wary of the telescreens that monitor his actions, but yet in controversy would have a diary which draws more attention and gives a reason for the telescreens to be watching him. He seems uneasy of being in his utopian society and bumbles about as a frail, frightened withered old man. For example, Winston starts the first scene in fear, running from bombs like an ant, only to find shelter with his stalker whom he fears internally more than the bombs itself. Winston in the novel/visual can be clearly portrayed as having no chance alone against who he opposes, for his mind cannot find comfort to allowing him to act unless there is someone there besides him to make him feel like he can act. For example, Winston was hesitant when he found the incriminating photo of the so called traitors, but did not act until he was approached by O’Brien to which O’Brien wanted him to vaporize the evidence. Winston having no

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